1 year Movinglivid


Datum:Fr, 30.10.2009


Ort: Via Felsenau


Time does fly... Movinglivid is already celebrating its first anniversary. To mark this special occasion, Berne will experience a further premiere with Cari Lekebusch who will be flying in from Sweden. He is a prehistoric rock in the techno scene and has been there from the beginning.


Growing up in Stockholm, he became addicted to the vinyl as though it were a drug, his musical career developing very early on. At the end of the eighties and still as a party organizer in the scene he always bought more and more electronical equipment and grounded his Hybrid-Label, which became a Design firm by the end of the nineties. To satisfy his addiction to the new Vinyl, Lekebusch is of course a regular guest in the Planet Stockholm, Stockholms favourite address for electronic dance music. There he met another Vinyl junkie: Adam Beyer, who also produced his own tracks and with Drumcode he also started his own label. Those two were also the ones who gave the techno scene a good reputation in Sweden. The sound used to be characterized by Cari with hard beats, the real techno, but today he plays danceable sound, with more rhythm and melody, but still with a certain hardiness, as we love it. A perfect guest for a perfect night.


He’ll be supported by Bird from the Sirion crew. Bird also became well known due to his broadcast on radio Rabe and of course because of his sympathetic character. A further highlight of the evening will be surely the performance of Beatlab, playing "live" one hour music of their very own production. One can be in eager anticipation! Not to forget Monotoobi, who will level the way for Lekebusch, because Monotoobi is also known for his hard beats.